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I am Monica Paul; I am a “C” level advisor and mentor. A senior executive, entrepreneur, and storyteller with passion and drive to collaborate to create a better world.

With 25+ years of experience in the Information Technologies markets, I bring high-level leadership, strategies, and content to the table; creating an integrated marketing journey oriented to get the results companies expect.

Teaming with clients, I help them to embrace their markets’ disruptions; they get ready to embrace challenges of the Industry 4.0 technologies not only to survive but to increase competitiveness, growth, and finally, thrive.

I work with my clients as their Marketing Advisor. I help them to develop their Marketing strategies and plans. Marcomtec is my business; with my fabulous team, we write and ghostwrite extensively for our clients and their executives. We write blog posts, articles, white papers, case studies; additionally we translate technical, legal, and business documents English-to-Spanish-to-English. Together we assist businesses with their content, graphics, websites’ audit, design, and development.

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Each business is different, so is its marketing strategy and business plan. From a throughout market-analysis to the editorial and activities calendars. I work with you to obtain the best results while optimizing your budget. Do you want me to take the journey with you? Sure thing! I stay to edit and update your plan and activities as your market evolves.


Content is King. No matter how beautiful are your marketing materials and website; if your strorytelling has a low quality, you won’t be able to engage new customers. High-quality content and translations are essential to communicate your message and engage customers. It’s crucial to reach their attention with meaningful topics and collaborate to your industry with rich content.

On the Web

ToW – Things On the Web. Sure thing! My team of developers is ready to help you. From a thoughtful audit to your existing website to then optimize it, to its redesign; or the creation of a brand new site and continuous updates. I am the happiest to help you to analyze, evaluate, and design, or redesign your website. Please visit

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Client Testimonials

Working with Marcomtec means to leave everything in their hands; they create and materialize your ideas. They put every detail together; you can trust on a high-quality outcome in the end. Marcomtec staff is incredibly committed and involved with the work. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Luis Enrique Guillen

Founder and CEO, Guiar

“Marcomtec provided tremendously valuable support in helping to build our brand in Mexico. Specifically, Monica Paul did amazing work in researching and developing the case study on our client’s implementation of our solution, and successfully pitching it to a prominent publication. We could not have accomplished this without her contacts, energy and professionalism on the project.”

Gary Fraizer

Former PR Director, ABB

Monica has been an amazing asset to our company. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, she does flawless work, at a fair price. We will use her services again, not just for the quality of her work, but the quality of her character.

Tom DeMichele

Co-owner,, DogMedia Solutions



Business and marketing. What companies need to be digital, sustainable, profitable… I write about findings, trends, and the fantastic way humans and technology blend.

A blog powered by MCT, YSW, and me about Digital Transformation, Leadership, and the many ways to adopt Industry 4.0.



Writing is one of my passions. I’m lucky to get paid for this inspirational and creative activity. Moreover, I am even more fortunate for having this gift. I write for business, and I also write for fun, for the pleasure of creating and sharing fiction stories.

My Tiny Love teacher

My Tiny Love Teacher is a novel based on real-life events. Arianna was out of the city when she receives a terrible message; her beloved kitty Choux is dying just a few days before her twentieth birthday.


A blog to  talk about life seen as a woman. How is it to be an Entrepreneur, housewife, mother. Talk business. Succeed, fail, and learn at times. Become scared, but courageous, jump down the cliff despite the fear, take the challenge. Come to read it; you won’t regret it.

Mi Pequeña Maestra de Amor

Mi Pequeña Maestra de amor es una novela inspirada en hechos de la vida real. Arianna estaba fuera de ciudad cuendo le informan que su amada gatita Choux esta muriendo tan solo nos días antes de cumplir veinte años.

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