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I am Monica. I love to write and to paint with my hands or eith my computer’s hands.

I spend most of my spare time writing stories, there is where I spill all the fantasy that runs through my wild and irreverent spirit.

I also have a business, it differently from those who plan to open their companies; one day my dreamed job was lost; I was unemployed, frustrated, and in need for income. I started freelancing. All of a sudden I had a brand. That was back in 2001.

Now, my business has grown. I am the voice behind Marcomtec, Your Signature Website, and Magic Masterminds.

My goal is to always have a friendly community; please ask as many questions as you need.


I have worked with clients like Progress Software, Ventyx now ABB, Extreme Networks, Kaseya, LabTech Software, Sterling Commerce, Embarcadero Technologies, FICO, QAD and many others.

Dozens of strategies and campaigns. I have written and translated hundreds of press releases and articles as a ghostwriter on a variety of topics in the IT industries.

As a Marketing Coach, I have been a co-host and an invited speaker at the “Women’s Business Success Virtual Summit,” and other presentations with brilliant women.

Business articles published in specialized magazines in Spanish and English, including El Empresario (Colombia), Revista Neo (Mexico), Ulitzer (USA), and my own blogs.

ObamaCareFacts.com official translator.

Invited to Connie Pheiff’s Up or Out with Connie radio show.

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My Tiny Love Teacher made me remember my pets, the ones that left and the ones that are still alive. They give you a lot more love than the love you give to them.

I loved the book and I hope there is a second part. Is Monica adopting another cat?

– Silvia Ramirez de Aguilar

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