I Am Learning to Activate Unlimited Possibilities

Have you ever feel that your life seems to be a snappish road full of obstacles? Or that life drags you to its will taking away the control from your hands; it can be hard to recognize the infinite possibilities that await you.

How You Know You Truly Love Youself

How do you know how much you love yourself?
Along with this life journey, I learned that an important clue about my inner world is to respond to this other question: How judgmental am I of others?

Dissolve Anxiety; The Storm is Over!

When anxiety takes hold, it can feel overwhelming. It takes your power from you and drains your energy. You feel you can’t escape, there is no way. I wanted to dissolve the thoughts of fear, anxiety, and worry; they are not me!.

Learning Bliss with Furry Teachers

Being a single mother is complicated; we have to do the work of both parents and this is not easy. We have to address so many tasks at the same time: the income, the work, the house, the kids, and a little time for us too.