I am working hard to realize a dream. Are you going after your dream?

For a long time, I thought I had to work hard for dreams; also, I frequently thought some things I wanted were too good to happen to me.

Have you ever seen something you want so far away from you that you would even put hope aside?

Were you told that great things are unique to great people and that to make things happen, you have to work harder than the others to get to the finish line first?

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Choose the Right Intention for Your Journey

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and an inspirational man shared the powerful vision that leads great visionaries and inventors to the excellence with his words: “Let your joy be in your journey – not in some distant goal.”

His words articulate much more than just a wise advice. They enclose the real secret to success.

The purpose of every journey is joy on each step of it. If you approach your goal with this intention, it flows quickly and effortlessly. It seems like a mighty hand holds your back and gives you every tool and resource you may need; all of the sudden they appear from anywhere.

Creative ideas and solutions pop up along the path. Your journey becomes like a puzzle with all the pieces magically falling into place.

You are happy. Things go your way.

And sooner than later; one day you wake up living the joy of your materialized dream.

Let this magical joy invade you along the journey. Start today. Write your dearest dream, visualize it and live the experience of it.

What do you need for it to come true? Write it down, make a list. Start your journey allowing joy to be with you at every step. After all… Your joy is in your journey. Miracles do happen in your life, welcome them!

Monica Paul

Monica Paul


I am Monica. I love to write and to paint with my hands or eith my computer’s hands. I spend most of my spare time writing stories, there is where I spill all the fantasy that runs through my wild and irreverent spirit. I also have a business, it differently from those who plan to open their companies; one day my dreamed job was lost; I was unemployed, frustrated, and in need for income. I started freelancing. All of a sudden I had a brand.


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