Have you ever feel your life doesn’t go your way?

Have you ever feel that your life seems to be a snappish road full of obstacles? Or that life drags you to its will taking away the control from your hands; it can be hard to recognize the infinite possibilities that await you.

It’s just matter of viewing life from a possibility perspective.

But how?

“How? I only can see closed doors” You would say. I used to say that.

I have learned and still learning that it is a life decision.

My dear coach and friend Theresa once told me to give myself permission to be who I really am and to receive what I want and deserve.

Therefore, I followed her, and it’s been the best decision ever.


I discovered that when you change your view, and you choose to see life from a possibility perspective you open the door to many new and often potentially better opportunities.

Moreover, let me tell you that this turned out to become a learning life journey. Then I have confirmed again and again that when I release the past, the anxieties, and let go all those thoughts that take away my sleep; I open space for fantastic new experiences and chances in my lives.

My life is changing for the good. The more mindful I become, the more I can live my present moment focused on every activity with love and a purpose; like now that I am writing this article for you. Then the doors to new exciting and abundant opportunities open to me.

Once again you ask. “How can I do this?”

Letting go… Being grateful…

It’s been hard, but when you let go of all that burdens you, you feel lighter. To help me let go, this is what I do; I imagine all those anxieties and stress, and I put them into a box, I close it and tie a balloon to it; then I let it fly away from me. I see how it disappears like when you let go a balloon.

With Dr. Chopra and Martha Beck, I learned that this universe holds an unlimited field possibilities; we all can access to it.

By taking our wishes to the field of all possibilities; to then detach and let the universe do the work, we can see our dreams come true.

Do what you can humanly do. Do it with love, hope, and faith. Do your best. Then detach, and what you asked will come to you abundantly.

I have also learned that being grateful we multiply the abundance around us. For example, if you are grateful for the money to pay your bills; more money will come to you to pay whatever you want.

You, me, and everyone have the power to make our lives our way. We just have to choose to be this powerful. I chose power, what about you?


Monica Paul

Monica Paul


I am Monica. I love to write and to paint with my hands or eith my computer’s hands. I spend most of my spare time writing stories, there is where I spill all the fantasy that runs through my wild and irreverent spirit. I also have a business, it differently from those who plan to open their companies; one day my dreamed job was lost; I was unemployed, frustrated, and in need for income. I started freelancing. All of a sudden I had a brand.


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