An extract from “My Tiny Love Teacher.”

Whoever has a cat, dog, or another pet, should see them as part of their family, because this is what they are. Have you realized how beautiful they are? My Choux was gorgeous, and I loved to take pictures of her. She was a lilac point Siamese with very clear blue eyes.

But I can tell I am not the only one admiring Choux’s beauty. Of course, my son Alex has the same thought, and many others do as well.

One day, Alex told me it would be a good idea if Choux had a boyfriend, and who knows, she would then have kittens. I agreed, so I started thinking about a good prospect; I wanted a handsome and educated cat just like her.

Isabelle, our neighbor, had a beautiful Siamese cat called Sunshine. Even though we weren’t close friends, I could tell she was very careful with her cat, and she loved him so much. So, when I saw her in her front yard watering her roses, I asked her if perhaps she would be interested in introducing Sunshine to Choux.

“Is Choux the young lady that always takes the sun on her cushion in your back yard? Isabelle asked.

“Yes, she is Choux. She doesn’t like to lay down directly on the wet grass, so she has her blue and pink cushion outside,” I said.

“Would you like a coffee? Come inside,” I said, inviting her to come in.

Isabelle accepted, and we talked a lot about our cats, she even met Choux personally. I told her the way I raised Choux; Isabelle loved the idea of Choux being so girly and spoiled.

Isabelle and I, the two proud mothers, agreed that we would like to become family and share some furry grand kittens; so we planned the event carefully. We would introduce Sunshine in Choux’s territory first, for them to get used to each other, we considered that friendship would be a good start. So we set up their first date.

The following day Isabelle arrived bringing her beautiful Sunshine; he was a little nervous, but we can tell he behaved very well. I asked Alex to keep Sheila in his bedroom because we wanted an event a happy first date. I took Choux in my arms to the living room where Isabelle was waiting with Sunshine in her arms.

“Look Choux, you have a visitor, isn’t he handsome?”

“Meeeeooowwww.” It was more of a growl than a meow.

Sunshine was quiet and very curious about Choux. He wanted to come closer; he was pushing Isabelle with his paws.

I stepped forward.

“Meeeeeeeoooowwwwwwww.” That was definitely a growl.

“Come on Choux, he is Sunshine, be nice to him,” I said.

Isabelle was quietly holding Sunshine who wanted to come closer to Choux.

I stepped forward again, and this time, Choux extended her head as if she wanted to smell Sunshine.

“Do you see Choux? He is harmless. Sunshine just wants to meet you and to play with you,” I said.

“Isn’t Choux beautiful?” Isabelle asked holding Sunshine’s head.

We both sat on the couch with our cats still in arms. Choux seemed to be a little friendlier. We allowed them to smell each other but still kept held onto them.

We sat them down on our laps and let them approach each other a little; they didn’t attack. Choux was quiet, so was Sunshine. But none of them seemed to want to be nearer.

Choux was three years old, the perfect age to reproduce, and Sunshine was four. Both were healthy and cute cats used to living with people, and both were very spoiled. Isabelle and continued our conversation, the cats were sitting on our laps staring at each other, but not really trying to move forward.

“Well, it seemed after all we had a successful introduction, at least they didn’t fight. Sunshine is not used to other cats; I’m sure he thinks he is a person,” Isabelle said.

“Absolutely, Choux is the same, she thinks she is a beautiful girl,” I said.

“Maybe we should do this more often for them to get used to each other,” I said.

“Oh yes, absolutely,” Isabelle said.

We walked Isabelle and Sunshine to the door, and after they had left Choux turned her face to me and licked my nose.

“I guess this is a Yes, Choux. Did you like Sunshine? Isn’t he handsome?”

I put Choux on the floor, and she ran upstairs.

“Mom, what happened? Did they like each other?” Alex asked.

“Apparently, yes. We need the cats to get used to each other, but at least they didn’t fight. In the beginning, Choux was defensive, but she didn’t attack Sunshine.”

Sheila came running downstairs and Choux after her.

“So, Choux, did you like the dude?” Alex asked picking her up.

“Meowwww.” Choux wanted to run outside after Sheila.

“Okay go to play,” Alex said putting her down.

Isabelle and I agreed to have a thirty minutes’ session with Choux and Sunshine at least every other day, as they became used to each other we would make the sessions longer. We did that for a month; the cats were even becoming a little playful, but they were never alone, and Sheila was never present.

One morning I thought Choux was ready, let’s say she was at this point when she was ready to do her thingy with Sunshine, she was in heat. So I called Isabelle.

“Wonderful, I’ll take Sunshine, do you think we need to leave them alone?”

“I think so… They may want to have their intimacy,” I said.

Isabelle came over bringing Sunshine’s dishes and litter.

“Come in, let’s have a coffee,” I said.

Choux was upstairs still sleeping, and Sunshine was too shy to go upstairs.

I totally forgot to tell Alex to keep Sheila in his bedroom, but she didn’t really care about Sunshine, she was used to cats, so she was just curious. They met each other in the middle of the stairs, and Sunshine came running down. The poor boy almost suffered a heart attack; he was so scared.

“Oh My God, he’s just met Sheila. I’m sorry, I forgot to tell Alex to keep her inside his bedroom,” I said

Isabelle was not upset at all.

“It’s okay, girl, if Sunshine is going to stay here, he needs to meet Sheila too, besides she is so sweet.”

I felt the air coming back to my lungs.

Sheila was a friendly dog, and she showed real hospitality to Sunshine. That made me feel much better.

“I will leave Sunshine here today; I think they need their intimacy and time together. I trust you’ll take good care of him. Besides, I have a meeting, and I have to go to work,” Isabelle said, and she left.

Alex also left to school; I was the only person at home.

It was then when the drama started.


That was not Choux; that was Sunshine. I ran upstairs. Sheila had a paw on Sunshine; he was trying to get away. Choux was on my bed watching Sheila torment poor Sunshine.

“Sheila! Leave Sunshine alone!” I said.

Sheila looked at me, but she didn’t move. I pushed her away and took Sunshine in my arms. He was fine, just scared.

“You are a mean dog,” I said

Sheila knew I wasn’t happy. “Go to your room,” I said, pointing to the door. Sheila went out of the room with her little tail between her legs. She stood outside and looked inside.

“To your room!” I said again but louder.

Sheila went to Alex’s room and laid down on his bed. Choux was jumping from the bed to go after Sheila; I caught her in mid-air.

“Hey, where are you going young lady?”

I put her on the bed again; Sunshine was on there too. He approached, this time, he could smell her pheromones. I thought maybe it was a better idea to take them out of my bedroom; I didn’t want to have a mess in there. I was thinking, where would be the best place for these two to have their romance when Sunshine tried to mount Choux. She yelled and attacked him. Now they were fighting. All of the sudden, Sheila was also on my bed growling at Sunshine; she showed poor Sunshine her huge teeth and canines. Sunshine became defensive; he arched his spine and tail.


Sheila stepped forward, for a second I thought she was going to attack Sunshine. But she only stood between Choux and Sunshine. Choux knew Sheila was defending her, so she stood behind her with a very aggressive attitude.

“Stay you two!” I said.

I stood between Sheila and Sunshine to defend him; I knew Sheila was not going to attack me. Sunshine ran to my dresser and jumped to the highest part he could. Sheila stopped growling and turned to Choux. The girls started licking each other.

I went inside my dresser and saw Sunshine’s tail moving behind a huge travel bag in a place where there was no way I could reach him. I would have to wait for Alex to come home to take him down. At least he was safe up there. The terrorist girls wouldn’t attack him again.

“Sheila, you’re a bad dog, and you Choux… You’re a bad kitty. Sheila, to your room!” I said, wearing my angry face.

Sheila walked to the door and turned to look at me.

“To your room,” I said.”

She walked a few steps forward.

“To your room! Now!”

She walked faster to Alex’s room, and Choux ran after her.

“Hey you, Choux. Come here,” I said.

I stood at Alex’s door, and both were on Alex’s bed.

“Choux, come here,” I said.

Choux looked at me, and the message was clear.

I hear you, now you look at me ignoring you, I’m with little Sheila, and she protects me.

I took Sunshine’s litter, food, and water and put them near my dresser, then I closed my bedroom door, to make him feel safe. I just hoped there wouldn’t be another disaster.

I went to work in my studio. About an hour later I heard some noises outside. I went to the kitchen, and I saw Sheila and Choux playing outside as usual. I went to my bedroom, but Sunshine was still up there; he hid behind the travel bag, at least I assumed that because I didn’t see him anywhere else, and there wasn’t any destruction. The litter was clean, and he had not touched his food.

Around two thirty in the afternoon, Alex came home.

“How was it?” he asked.

“A disaster,” I told him the short story.

Alex laughed and went to see the terrorist girls outside. They played, ate and kept on with their lives, it seemed they had already forgotten Sunshine who was still inside my dresser.

“He must be sleeping, let me get him,” Alex said.

Alex took the travel bags down and called me.


Now what? I thought.

“Is he there? Is he okay?”

“He’s here, but I don’t know if he’s okay,” Alex said.

“What do you mean you don’t know if he is okay?” I asked.

“Well, part of his tail is bald,” Alex said. “He won’t allow me to carry him, he is trying to scratch me.”

“What? Bald? Isabelle is going to kill me. She said she trusted I would take good care of him, and now his tail is bald. Let me see him.”

Alex helped me climb up on top of the dresser. I sat near to Sunshine, he licked his tail and took all the hair out. He had a big bald spot. There were lots of hair all over the place.

I tried to reach him but he was too scared, so I stayed with him for a while until he felt safer and allowed me to pick him up and carry him. I hugged him and kissed him until he finally purred. Then we both came down.

“Keep Sheila and Choux away from him,” I told Alex. “I’ll take him to Carol’s at once.”

I was about to leave when Isabelle arrived. I was at the door with Sunshine in my arms, and his bald tail was prominent.

“What happened to my baby?” Isabelle asked.

She took him and kissed him. “What did your savage cat do to my baby?”

“Choux did nothing to him, but he hid, and took all that hair out. I was going to take him to the vet,” I said.

“I will take him!” Isabelle said; she was really mad.

“Let me go with you, I feel responsible,” I said.

“Okay, just because you’ll pay,” Isabelle said.

We took Sunshine to Carol’s who checked him over carefully.

“He is fine, he’s just a little anxious. That’s why he pulled his tail’s hair out,” Carol explained.

I told her what happened and why Sunshine was in my home.

“He will be okay, and the hair will grow back again,” Carol said.

“So your cat has her personal bodyguard. That happens commonly with pets that live together; they develop a close relationship. It’s a real friendship, nothing to worry about, Sheila and Choux have become like sisters; that’s why they are so protective of each other. If the Doberman perceived Choux was afraid or becoming defensive; she would protect her, that’s all,” Carol explained.

Isabelle was calmer, we went back, and I apologized again. She didn’t say a word. When we arrived home, she took Sunshine to her home and Alex took his litter, food, and water. We didn’t hear from her for a few days.

The following week, I saw her outside.

“How is Sunshine doing?”

“He is much better, and recovering his tail fur.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” I said. “Do you want a coffee?”

“Okay,” Isabelle said, and she came in.

“I’m so sorry.”

‘It’s okay; I was so rude that day that I thought you wouldn’t want to talk to me again,” she said.

“I also thought you were still mad at me,” I said.

“Not at all. Still friends?”

“Of course.”

We hugged and continued being friends, but Sunshine never wanted to see Choux again. I have to accept that Choux really didn’t care about Sunshine’s feelings.

Choux never accepted another cat, neither gave birth to kittens. She was jealous and very possessive; also very loving and cute.

Monica Paul

Monica Paul


I am Monica. I love to write and to paint with my hands or with my computer’s hands. I give marketing consultancy and develop websites. I spend most of my spare time writing stories; there is where I spill all the fantasy that runs through my wild and irreverent spirit. I have a business. Apart from helping companies to reach their marketing goals, I have started a publishing business to take digital literacy to every person willing to read in this world.


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