My Tiny Love Teacher

Fiction Novel

My Tiny Love Teacher will make you cry and laugh, will make you reject abuse; and will get you look at your pet in a whole different way. Who knows, if you don’t have a pet, then you might want to go to a shelter to adopt a Tiny Love Teacher that won’t do anything but give you love and gratefulness.

Tell me… Do you have a Tiny Love Teacher in your home?

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Mi Pequeña Maestra de Amor

My Tiny Love Teacher will make you cry and laugh in Spanish, too!

Monica Paul

I spend most of my spare time writing stories, there is where I spill all the fantasy that runs through my wild and irreverent spirit.

In my working hours I am a marketer and a web developer. Life guided me to the Information Technology industry, I am grateful for that.

The IT world vision helps me to write fiction and gives me skills to take my gift to the farthest corners of the world.


My Tiny Love Teacher made me remember my pets, the ones that left and the ones that are still alive. They give you a lot more love than the love you give to them.

I loved the book and I hope there is a second part. Is Monica adopting another cat?

– Silvia Ramirez de Aguilar

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