Every new year we are optimistic to believe that things will change. Nevertheless, crimes, incidents of hate, cruelty to animals, abuse terrorism and bullying continue and even grow.

Lack of compassion and connectedness fuel hatred. But we can’t ask kids to be compassionate; we have to teach them to be kind in their everyday life encouraging respect and appreciation to other humans, animals, and plants. 
As a parent, it’s your responsibility to promote compassion by modeling positive behaviors.

There are many ways to show the children how rewarding it is to be helpful and kind to others from very early stages.

Traditions are one of them, learning with our children about Holidays and Traditions break the cultural gap and get to the place of sharing and connectedness. 
Sharing traditions with others don’t mean you’ll give up your culture and beliefs; it says you are open to learn about others and to accept them the way they are.

Children raised in a kind and compassionate environment, won’t ever be bullies. By seeding these values, we are co-creating our future.

#TraditionsOfTheWorld #Compassion#StopBullying #Kindness

Monica Paul

Monica Paul


I am a Marketing Consultant and 23 years entrepreneur; a published fiction author, the ghostwriter of hundreds of business articles signed by C-Level executives in the IT industry, and web developer because I love it.

I founded Magic Masterminds, a sustainable e-publishing company focused on eBooks and, using the latest technology to provide education and entertainment.

I am a dreamer,  also a pragmatic planner and leader. My purpose is to  put these skills together to share education and entertainment.


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