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Carnivals are annual festivals. Today I want to extend about the Venice Carnival. This fascinating city held the very first carnival in the 11th century.

At that time, the Venice Carnival consisted of over two months of celebration; until it declined in the 18th century.

The Venice Carnival was revived in 1979; nowadays it is a stunning event and an excuse to use a costume and of course a typical mask, enjoy the parade, the live music, and all the outdoor events.

Officially the Venice Carnival starts two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends the day prior, Shrove Tuesday.

In the 18th century, the Carnival would begin with a series of balls in St. Mark Square; a representation of this scenes are for everyone to appreciate on the fresco on the famous cafe Quadri’s.

During the Venice, Carnival fortunes squander every night in the Ridotto Gambling Casino. And regardless of the socio-economical status, all people wear extravagant costumes and masks; many of them related to Commedie del’Arte, Harlequin, Columbine, the Plague Doctor, and of course the courtesans.

The Venice Carnival is nowadays global famous. Travel and enjoy this old and fabulous tradition.

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Monica Paul

Monica Paul


I am a Marketing Consultant and 23 years entrepreneur; a published fiction author, the ghostwriter of hundreds of business articles signed by C-Level executives in the IT industry, and web developer because I love it.

I founded Magic Masterminds, a sustainable e-publishing company focused on eBooks and, using the latest technology to provide education and entertainment.

I am a dreamer,  also a pragmatic planner and leader. My purpose is to  put these skills together to share education and entertainment.


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